Zig Ziglar’s Influence On Me

With Zig and The Redhead

I was first introduced to Zig Ziglar’s teachings back in the early-mid 80’s. A young, green salesperson ready to take on the world, I can remember the feeling of being almost invincible when listening to “Old Zig” spin his tales and share his uplifting, motivational methods and beliefs.

From the first time I heard him, I was hooked. As he would say, “I was ready to go after Moby Dick in a row boat and take the tartar sauce with me!”

He’s not written a book that I don’t own and haven’t read…at least once. I’ve was blessed to see him speak in person three times and will forever be grateful for the opportunity to meet him and “The Redhead” at “An Evening With Zig” at the Loew’s Anatole in Dallas in about 2000. It was a night set aside to honor the man who has meant so much to so many. My wife and I actually had our picture taken with the Ziglar’s and I’ll forever cherish that memory.

I’m not sure there’s has been one person—other than my wife—who contributed more to my success in this life than Zig Ziglar. I’ve dog-eared the books and worn out countless cassette tapes.

To me, he was The Man.

Zig is gone now and the Ziglar Corporation is in the capable hands of his  proud son, Tom. Living in Dallas, I get to visit the Ziglar Corporation regularly for their Monday morning Devotional and have been blessed to speak there twice. I never see Tom withought thinking of how Zig so eloquently delivered that line many years ago, “Dad, I always pull for you.”

I probably heard that story of him “looking for his bird” a hundred times and it got to me every time.

I write this today because I got to speak there again recently and really thought of the influence this one man had on my life—and he didn’t even know me. And, I am just one of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives he’s impacted in a positive manner.

He taught me what it meant to have a positive attitude, how to raise positive kids in a negative world, to be a good finder and that I was Born To Win.

And while he’s left this earth, I still believe he deserves a thank you.

Thank you, Zig. Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for building a sense of worth in a young man at a very impressionable age. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs. Thank you for sacrificing so much to teach others they could succeed. Thank you for defining and defending professionalism in sales.

Thank you.

The best thing we can all do to honor Zig Ziglar’s Legacy is to continue to lead by example and be a mentor to others. Hopefully, we can all impact at least one person as much as Zig impacted me.