Sales Prospecting: Your Own Top Ten List!

Sales Prospecting: Your Own Top Ten List

How would you like to be able to easily (almost effortlessly) track your ten hottest prospect and keep them moving toward a sale?  Sales prospecting is a learned skill and you’re in luck! By using The Power of Ten TOP TEN list, you can increase the success of your prospecting efforts. David Letterman has made a lot of money with a Top Ten list and now you can, too.

When it comes to sales prspecting, you should have a list of your ten best prospects right now. If you don’t have one already, that’s fine, let’s make one. Write them down. This information is much too valuable to commit to memory—this is one thing that is imperative that you put on paper. Now, before you start your list—let me caution you: this is NOT a wish list. This is a list of your ten BEST prospects TODAY. If you don’t have ten today, don’t worry about it—that’s fine. But, if you don’t have ten a month from now then you have been wasting some valuable time and energy.

Once you’ve got your list of prospects, you need to rank them in order of ability to close. For example, in a perfect world your next sale should come from the prospect in position one, the next from position two, etc. The reason you are ranking them is that if you are ever at a loss for something to do—work on taking care of number one!

After completing the list, you should review it DAILY and ask yourself one simple question: “What do I need to do in order to move this relationship closer to a sale?”

This is a perfect tool for sales managers to use to work with their team. The Top Ten list should be the single most important piece of data that anyone has. If you use it effectively and truly concentrate on developing it as a tool, you will see your sales and closing percentage increase.

Why?  Because you are spending your time with the people most likely to do business with you.  Keep pushing the prospect in position eight up the ladder and that will, in effect, keep pushing the prospects ahead of them toward becoming a customer.

Again, YOUR Top Ten list—once complete—should be your most valuable piece of prospect information you possess.   This is a fluid, living document and will always be changing, because you will always be moving relationships forward—knowing what it takes to move each of these prospects closer to a sale!

Be careful not to make this a “Wish List”. These aren’t prospects you hope to close or would like to close. These are THE top ten hottest prospects you have. Be honest. Again, if you only have three or four or six or whatever, write them down. But, make it a point to continue to fill that list!