Your Competition Is NOT The Competition

If you’re like most salespeople you have competition. Competitors who sell the exact same product or service you do and in most cases the prices are similar.
But, contrary to popular belief your competition isn’t the competition. You’re not selling against those other organizations or companies.

You’re selling against the status quo. You’re real competition is the fact most buyers see it as easier not to change suppliers than to change. If nothing changes, they aren’t putting themselves at risk–they aren’t sticking their neck out–no matter how bad their current situation may be.

Your job as a professional salesperson is to eliminate or greatly reduce their risk. In other words, you have to make it as easy as possible to do business with you. Don’t lose sight of the fact your service may be markedly better, you may have better terms or any number of competitive advantages–but you’re still battling the familiarity of their current situation.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Think about what you can do to alleviate their anxiety. How can you take part of all the risk associated with change?

Again, how can you make it easy to buy from you.

While crafting your presentation, it’s perfectly acceptable in my opinion to acknowledge to the buyer you understand their position. You understand the decision at hand. Now, together you can come up with a solution.

If you do the rest of your job correctly and they are truly sold on your product and company–work together to find a way to make the change. But, never lose sight of the fact your biggest obstacle to overcome is not their current supplier of another competitor.

You’ve got to beat old status quo.