Why I Love Selling And You Should, Too

close up of a mug where it is written I love my Job and a flipchart with a growing chart. Concept fot Bussiness performance and workplace well being.

I Love Selling And So Should You!

I was doing an interview recently and was asked why I love selling so much. I’m not sure I’d ever been asked the question in that way, but the answer was easy for me. While there’s no one, single reason I know exactly I enjoy it so much, there is definitely reasons.

First, it gives me a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction to help others. Call me naive, but I still see the value of helping others as the main reason to sell anything. As I train salespeople, it’s amazing sometimes to see their results change as they shift their thinking from “me, me, me” to “what’s best for the customer?”

Secondly, selling allows me the opportunity to “perform”. Hey, I admit it, I’m a ham and I love being “on”. I’ve always viewed the sales process of someone what of a performance—not necessarily one where I’m being deceptive or doing anything untoward, but one where I get to be part of the show. Think about what we get to do every day and compare that to someone is stuck in a cubicle staring at the same computer screen for eight hours a day—I’d pull what little hair I have left out.

Another thing I love about sales is I basically get to write my own paycheck. Nobody can tell me what my job pays because that’s up to me. The great Jim Rohn once said, “You don’t get paid by the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the hour” and that’s never more true than for a professional salesperson.

You want to make more money? Make more sales. Again, contrast that against someone working on a production line assembling whatever—they are bound by the time clock and how fast the conveyor sends things to them. We’re not. A professional salesperson is only bound by their imagination—and it needs stretching!

Finally, I see sales as the most critical profession to our economy. Without salespeople you’d be hungry and naked. Somebody sold somebody something in order for you to be where you are today. As a professional salesperson has more affect on the economy than the economy has on them.

I love what I do. I live for it and can’t see myself ever doing anything else (except maybe simply training other salespeople). You’ve got to love what you do in order to be good at it. You’ll never find a superstar in any profession who dreads going to work.

I love it. And you should, too