Who WON’T Buy From You?

Who Won’t Buy From You?

Today’s post is a little different than normal. When you are prospecting and working through your “think time”, one normally focuses on those that will buy. But, today I want you to think of someone that you know won’t buy.

Think. This is someone you are CERTAIN will not buy. Not a chance. You’re sure they wouldn’t buy if you gave your product or service away, right?

Have someone in mind? Are you absolutely positive they would NEVER buy from you? Write their name down along with their phone number. (Look it up if you have to)

OK. Now, get out and call on them. Add them to your prospect list and get on their calendar immediately.

Why are you certain they won’t buy? If you know why they won’t, then it only stands to reason you know what it would take for them TO buy, right?

Stop pre-judging. Stop making the buying decision for them.

Call on them and give them a presentation just like you would any other potential prospect, because here is what you will find:

-You are more relaxed and will give a MUCH better, more professional presentation if you go into it without the “pressure” of selling (But, you MUST give them the best presentation you can—no shortcutting)

-You are either going to be proven right (they won’t buy), learn new information that could lead to a sale (most likely) or you could be stunned and they buy (wow, what a concept!)

Think about that—calling on someone you are certain won’t buy and two out of the three possible outcomes are POSITIVE! But only if you make the initial call and put on a professional, complete presentation.

Before you leave that presentation, I want you to ask this person that you KNOW won’t buy, this question: “Who do you know that I should be talking to?” Yes, you are going to ask for a referral from the one person you are positive won’t buy from you. Have fun!

Now, get out there and see that person. They are probably hoping you’ll call!