Where Will You Be A Year From Now?

Where will you be a year from now? Do you know? Do you want to know?

Write down today’s date—just the month and day but add the year as one year from now. 365 days away.

Go ahead, write it down.

Now, ask yourself these five questions:

-Where will I be on this date next year?
-What will I have accomplished?
-What will I have learned?
– What skills will I have improved?
-What goals will I have achieved?

The answer to each of those questions is within reach. For the answer to each of these questions is up to you and you alone. You have the power and now the time to make significant changes in your business and your life within the next 365 days.

Here’s how:

Step One: Write down what you WANT the answer to be to each of the questions above. As you write them, do so as if they’ve already occurred—almost as if you’re reading them next year on this date. For example the first one, would be “I am the top salesperson in my company. I’m financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy with a family that I adore and loves me very much.”


How would you like to be THERE a year from now? Guess what? You can be. Again, it’s completely up to you.

Step Two: Take each of these five statements (we won’t call them goals) and post them somewhere you can see them each day at least once without having to look for them. (Somewhere that they’ll find you!)

Step Three: Make time to read these affirmations aloud EVERY day for the next year. As you do, think about what it is going to take to make that statement true. What do you need to do TODAY so that you can actually make that statement a fact next year? Do it daily without fail.

Step Four: Before you go to bed each night, look at this list one more time quietly. Study it. Let it sink in to your brain. Try to make yourself dream about the fact that you’ve already achieved and accomplished the things on this list. See it in your mind’s eye.

Step Five: Make the commitment TODAY that you will allow NOTHING to prohibit you from making these statements fact a year from now. Make the commitment. Decide now. We’ve talked before in this blog about the power of making a decision and today is the day for you.

Do NOT get discouraged. This is a 365 day journey. If part of your list is to lose weight or get in shape, understand you aren’t going to lose 20lbs by tomorrow morning. At the same time, you aren’t going to achieve the other things you want in that amount of time either. But, commit to the process and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a GREAT year for you!

Now, go out there and make it happen. Each day you’ll chip away at it. Each day will move you a little closer to the end result.

If you will do this, I can tell you right now where you’ll be in a year without a doubt!