What’s The Best Time For A Sales Meeting?

What’s The Best Time For A Sales Meeting?

Recently I had someone ask me what I thought was the best time for a sales meeting. Good question. There are probably as many theories and ideas on this as there are times and dates to choose from, but I’ll share mine with you here.

First, if you have a sales meeting less regularly than weekly or bi-weekly, I suggest holding it on a Saturday morning. This has always been my preference and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a salesperson to give up a couple of hours on a Saturday rather than pulling your entire sales team out of the field during the week. In that case, you’re basically giving your competition the entire run of the market. Would an auto dealer or clothing store or electronics store lock the doors during business hours and bring everyone to the back room for a meeting while customers peered through the windows and went elsewhere?

Probably not.

If you have weekly sales meetings I prefer Monday and here’s why: for one, I like to start the week on a positive note (and ALL sales meetings should be positive—or at least end that way) and secondly

For the same reason, I much prefer Monday afternoon over Monday morning. As we talked about in our Video Blog on Call Reluctance, I want my team out first thing in the morning in front of a prospect or customer—especially on Monday; shaking off the rust, getting their week started and beginning to move forward.

A Monday morning meeting can only serve to stall that process. By the time you wrap up—even a short meeting—and everyone collects their belongings and makes their way into the field, half the day is gone. That’s counterproductive in my opinion.

So, what’s all this leading to?

My preference for a weekly sales meeting is Monday afternoon around 4:00PM. This gives everyone time to get their week started and still allows for a review of the previous week to be pertinent. It also gives management a chance to get everyone off on a positive note with the right message.

Again, this is my preference. I’m sure there are many, many others with good reason. If you’ve like to share your ideas, leave us a comment below.