What Makes A Successful Salesperson?

What Makes A Successful Salesperson?

I received an email recently from a new salesperson asking what I thought the most important trait was in salespeople who achieved that ULTRA level of success we’ve talked about. And though it seems like a fairly innocent question, I began thinking about it.

Is it being an extrovert? I’ve certainly known salespeople that fit the mold of “having never met a stranger” and the ones that can “sell ice to an Eskimo”. But, is that most important? Probably not. I’ve met plenty of very successful salespeople (and business people) that would be categorized as introverted.

Is it persistence? Maybe. Maybe not. While it is important, I wouldn’t say it’s the MOST important.

No, after much thought and several re-writes of this blog, I believe (in my opinion) the most important trait in successful salespeople is self confidence!

An inner belief that they are unquestionably, undoubtedly going to be successful. I think it is tremendously important to be modest, but the most successful salespeople I’ve ever met always thought they were the best. Not in a condescending way, but in a confident way—a manner that inspired confidence in their prospects.

For, I believe it is that—the confidence they give off—one that is felt by their prospects and customers—that truly separates those Super Stars from the rest of the pack.

Obviously the next question is how one develops that self confidence, because it is a learned skill. Personally (again there are some who might disagree) I think that self confidence is something one wears like a badge of honor—proud of what they do and proud of who they are. Ready to take on all challenges and ready to face each day with a burning desire.

When things go bad, they don’t fold their tent and give up—they grab their bootstraps and keep going…KNOWING success is just around the corner.

One thing that builds self confidence is sharing your accomplishments with others: family, co-workers and prospective customers. Don’t be shy—but be careful not to boast and brag. Sales is a roller coaster ride—there are ups and downs. The BEST way to build YOUR self confidence is to help instill it in others!

As the great Zig Ziglar once said, “It’s like going after Moby Dick in a row boat and taking the tartar sauce with you!”

That, my friends is self confidence. And that is THE most important trait of a successful salesperson.