What If They Say No?


The best answer a salesperson can get when asking for a sale is “yes” or an affirmative response to move forward. Please note, the SECOND best answer one can receive is “no”. You did read that correctly. Of all the answers a prospect can give you when you ask for the sale the SECOND best one to hear is, “No”.

Because then—and only then, do you have something to work with.

So, what if they say no?

I LOVE to have a prospect tell me, no. It is far better than the other possible objections of “I want to think about it, I’ll get back to you, “I have to talk to whomever”. Think about it, wouldn’t you LOVE to have them just tell you, no?

So, what do you say?

Here are a few tried and true questions you can have “in your back pocket” to use when needed. Memorize them. Know them. Have them handy! (Special thanks to my friend Hugh Liddle with Red Cap Sales Coaching for a few of these)

“Why do you say that?”

WOW. Simple, yet effective. Just ask. Why do they say, no?

“Really. I’m a bit surprised. Tell me more?”

Another very natural response. Use it. It works.

“What lead you to that decision?”

A variation of above, but it is designed to get the prospect talking about their thought process.


When all else fails…ask WHY?

If you will commit these to memory and be sincere when delivering them, you will learn a lot about your prospects, customers and yourself. Because, what they tell you will help you not only with them but with future clients as well.