What Example Are YOU Setting?

Unless you work completely alone—locked away from the rest of civilization you are setting an example for someone. Whether you know it or not or whether it is intentional or not, your actions (or lack thereof) set an example for others every day. It could be your children, coworkers, other salespeople, customers, clients or patients—but you are setting an example.

Is it a good one or a bad one?

I was asked recently by a friend how to handle a recent promotion into management and it made me think about how we all set an example each day. My advice to him was simple: set a good example in your behavior, your dress, your manners and how you treat others.

In other words: be professional.

For him it was a bit different—I also advised him to remain close to the staff and work alongside them during a “transition” phase because nobody likes a “bossy” boss. But, for all of us, we should be conscious of the example we set daily.

Don’t think nobody is looking—because they are; more so than you’ll ever know. You are influencing others and someone is taking the lead from you.

How do you respond to critical situations? How do you speak to others? How do you act when the heat is on?

I once heard to always act as if your Grandmother was watching and I think that’s a pretty good way of stating it. Unfortunately, today that’s the exception rather than the rule. But, with your help we can change that.

Set out today to set a good example. Be someone others can look up to—not down on. True professionalism is how you act when nobody’s looking.

Maybe the best thing one can do to set a good example is be a good listener. Focus on improving your listening skills and you can’t help but become a better example for everyone who comes in contact with you.

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