What Can Your Competition NOT Duplicate?

In today’s world few, if any of us have a market cornered with a product that has no competition. In fact, most of us have competitors at every turn ready to sell their product or service a little cheaper or with a little better terms or some other advantage that puts us at a disadvantage.

As soon as you or your company comes out with a new “version”, everyone and their brother has copied it and has their own new-and-improved product ready to hit the street.

Sound familiar?

There is one thing your competition cannot duplicate, one thing your company has that none of your competitors have and will never have.


You are the one thing your competitors can’t touch. Yes, you.

In a competitive situation, when you are knocking heads with other companies trying to win business, never be afraid or ashamed to put yourself out there as THE reason the customer should select your company, product or service. YOU.

Write this sentence down and commit it to memory in a way that sounds natural,

 “I know you are looking at others and I’m sure they’re all good companies. But, we do offer one thing they can’t: ME. My commitment to you to make sure your business is handled in a professional manner and that you’re more than satisfied. The one thing you get when you do business with my company is me—and I can assure you, I’ll work each day to earn your trust and confidence.”

Now, with all things being (fairly) equal wouldn’t you buy from this person? ABSOLUTELY!

This person is confident in their ability and isn’t afraid to show it.

Remember you are a one-of-a-kind. There’s not another like you and in your business there’s not another nearly as good as you are. Be proud of that, make it a selling point. Heck, make it THE selling point!

Sell YOU!

Note that one of the first things I did was acknowledge the other companies the prospect was considering were “good companies”. NEVER knock the competition, it’s beneath you. (We’ll talk about that in a future blog) Plus, if you do everything else right, you won’t need to.