Watch Your Step! Where Is the Sale Going Next?

Recently I did a video blog about the Steps To A Sale and system I use to train and coach salespeople. In it I discussed the fact no single step is more important than another. You can be great at asking for the sale, but if you can’t overcome objections it doesn’t matter. Or, you could be the best in the world at overcoming objections but if you aren’t good at building rapport you’ll never get that chance.

The point is each step is important.

What is equally important is that you stay in control of those steps. Now in this case there is one more important: the NEXT one. For at each step along the way; from building rapport and establishing an initial oral contract to answering objections and follow up, the most critical step in the process is the next one because that’s where you are taking the prospect.

Think of the steps to a sale literally as steps. You’re climbing a staircase and at the top the prospect becomes your client. It is up to you–the professional salesperson–to guide the prospect up each step, moving them closer and closer to the top and the sale.

Keep in mind, for the most part they don’t know what’s next. You do.

Communicate what you’re doing, what they can expect and how you plan on guiding them along. There is no shame whatsoever in telling the prospect, “Mr. Prospest, what I’d like to do next is to share some information with you about our company, learn a little more about yours and that way I can see if it might make sense for us to work together, fair enough?”

You just told the prospect you’re about to uncover their wants and needs and you did so in a very professional manner.

Stay in control of the process.

But, always…always stay in control of the next step–it’s the critical one