Want Momentum? Stop Laying The Track Right In Front of The Train!



Working with salespeople and organizations of all shapes and sizes, one thing constantly amazes me: the amount professionals and companies who don’t have a clear plan and direction.

So many times they’re guilty of what I call, “Laying The Track Right In Front of The Train” meaning they’re always stopping and starting, stopping and starting, waiting on some direction, instructions or clarification.

There is absolutely no way to gain any positive momentum with this strategy. Period.

Is this you? If so, don’t be ashamed–you’re not by yourself. I, personally, have seen plenty of others. But, it’s time you stop.

Stop living for today. Stop just trying to get through this week. Stop not having a goal past the end of the month.

Take some time and organize your thoughts and plans into action steps. Get your entire team together if you must and develop your plan; whether it’s a marketing plan, sales plan or just the goals you want to accomplish personally or as a company. The worst thing we can do as managers and as leaders is to keep our people in the dark about where we—and they are headed.

I suggest you not only let them in on the plan, but you let them help create it.

I love this quote from General George Patton:

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”

What a great way to lead. Once you get those goals and plans make sure every single person in the organization is aware of them–share the news. Include everyone even those who were not in on the planning process.

Then and only then can you really develop any momentum.