Uncovering New Sales Opportunities

Uncovering New Sales Opportunities

No matter what product or service you sell there is a tendency to get into a habit or a rut of business coming from very specific areas. For example, if you sell cars you either get customers who drive onto the lot or through referrals.

If you’re in the insurance business the majority of your new clients may come from some specific form of advertising and/or marketing or from current clients’ expanding their coverage.

Whatever it is, you need to break down some barriers and begin to look in new places—untapped by your competition.

For example, let’s go back to the car sales example. If you have a new client the obvious place to market is to friends and family. But what about the people who live nearby? You can get databases that show you who lives within a certain number of blocks from any address—and they are all going to see your new client cruising the streets in their new car.

What about the place the new client works? Aren’t the co-workers going to see the new wheels?

Again, whatever you sell take some time to think of those untapped opportunities and potential prospect streams. Be creative and don’t let others dampen your enthusiasm by telling you “it won’t work”.

With the power of the internet you can now think globally. No longer do you have to concentrate on a set geography. In fact, I use Go To Meeting with my Sales Coaching and am able to work with people around the world—something that would’ve been impossible just a few short years ago.

Get outside your comfort zone—both literally and figuratively and look where others aren’t.

One of the great things about these new prospects is while there may be fewer of them you will find your closing percentage is higher. You are fishing where there are fewer (if any) other fishermen. Don’t be afraid to be trailblazer!