How I Turned A Craigslist Purchase Into A Sales Conversation

Yard Sale

A few weeks ago I was looking for a desk and hit the local Craigslist on Saturday morning. As luck would have it I found just what I was looking for from a gentleman about 30 minutes away in Fort Worth.

After a little price negotiation we settled and decided I’d pick it up on Sunday.

When the time came I made the half hour drive to get it anxious to get back and get it assembled. I found the location after a couple of detours (and a speeding ticket), and the gentleman selling it was in the yard waiting for me.

After quickly inspecting the desk I asked him what kind of work he did (he’s in the pharmaceutical business) and made other small talk. Then he asked what I did and I handed him a business card (always have them handy) and asked him who at his company handled hiring speakers and trainers.

He gave me the name and said, “Wow, we bring in trainers all the time, can I keep your card?”

Uh, yeah!

This all took a grand total of about five minutes, but my point is this: never miss an opportunity to make a new contact.

Will I ever get to see the person I need to at his company? Who knows?

Will they every hire me to speak or train? I have no idea.

Here’s what I do know: Had I not started that conversation, I wouldn’t have known what line of work he was in and he probably wouldn’t have asked about me and I would’ve had a zero percent chance of doing some work with his company.

Even though I was out on a Sunday afternoon to pick up a desk from Craigslist, I managed to turn it into a potential sales conversation. Was I pushy? No. Was I out of line? Absolutely not. I simply asked what he did and he asked what I did.

We made a connection and I found a prospect.

How many are you missing every single day? How many opportunities pass right under your nose?

Start noticing them. They’re everywhere…even on Craigslist.