Tips To Improve Your Presentation

Sales team having business presentation in office

Tips To Improve Your Presentation

Whatever sales process you subscribe to a practice the presentation is a crucial part of it. At some point you have to make your presentation; put on the dog-and-pony show and let the prospect see what you’ve been building suspense and value around.

The problem is if you’re presentation skills are poor, you’ve created this huge build up for an even larger let down. You’ve gotten all dressed up and gone nowhere.

What do you do? Here are a few tips to improve your sales presentation

Record it: Yes, audio and video. Get as real a recording as possible—even if you have to get another salesperson or a manager to play along. Have them give you the same objections you’d normally hear. Have them interrupt you, drift off and do all the things a normal prospect would do. Now watch closely. How well do you handle each? Be honest. Get their critique and yours. This is a great way to see what you are really doing and not what you think you’re doing.

Watch someone better than you: This seems simple, but you’d be surprised how many people take advise and sales training from people selling less than them. Here’s one area to go to the best. Ask if you can sit in and watch and listen. But, BE QUIET. You don’t have a speaking part in this play. Pay attention to voice inflection, body language, the words they use. There is a good chance this is all done intentionally. The pros leave very little to chance.

Practice, practice, practice: The only way you’re going to ever get better at something is to practice it. By yourself. In front of a mirror. In your car. With a manager.  I don’t care, just practice. Make a note of all the things you learned from your presentation and the other(s) you watch and pull out the best of the best.

Build the greatest presentation possible and practice.

Your goal is to improve your presentation. And these three simple tips will help you do it!