Time Management For Sales Pros


Time Management For Sales Pros

I’ve been reading a lot recently on Time Management and productivity thinking about how it applies to today’s professional salesperson. Is there specific time management for sales professionals? We’ve all heard we can’t manage time–only how we spend it. But, I read with interest a recent article (I wish I could find it so I could give proper credit) that suggested blocking off 60-90 minute blocks of time to focus on each single task. 

For example, if you’re returning calls; do that only. Turn off all email notifications, cell phone, social media, etc. and focus only on that tasks for an hour or an hour-and-a-half. Remove yourself from all other situations.

This made a lot of sense to me because I catch myself checking email on my phone out of habit–not because I’m expecting an email, but strictly out of habit. I have turned off the notification alert so I’m not distracted by an incoming email if I’m in the middle of another project or activity.

The same goes for pretty much every aspect of your sales day. If you’re prospecting, spend your time doing only that. Don’t try to multitask. There’s no glory in being able to do 10 things at once and not do any of them well. I’d much rather focus on one and do it to the best of my ability.

But, when it’s time to answer emails, answer all of them–don’t jump around. Get it done and move on to something else.

The reason the author suggested 60-90 minutes per task is supposedly that’s when we’re at our peak performance level. We can focus, but after that–get up walk around, let your mind wander, stretch and just breathe.

Try this for a few days and let me know how it works. I’m always interested in finding ways to increase my (and your) productivity.