Three Tips For Clearing Your Mind

We all have a tendency to get so laser focused at times that we have to force ourselves to relax. I’ve personally been accused of never having learned to relax (an accusation that has some truth to it). But, here are three tips for clearing your mind, helping you relax and recharge your batteries:

Tips For Clearing Your Mind

-REST: It’s imperative that you get enough rest. While experts will tell you there is no “set, hard and fast rule” on how much sleep one needs, it is most important to listen to YOUR body. When you are tired, rest. Period. Though you may be able to function on four to five hours a night for a short duration, make time to “catch up” on your rest periodically.

-GET AWAY: From time to time you must simply get away from work. Go somewhere—anywhere that doesn’t involve work. Whether it’s your regularly scheduled vacation or a long weekend, find some new scenery to enjoy. (And forget about what’s happening back at the office)

-FIND A HOBBY: Find something to do in your off hours that holds your attention in a way that you almost can’t think about work. Several years ago I owned a Harley-Davidson and loved to go for a ride after work. The concentration it took to pay attention to traffic and so forth kept my mind from wandering and still allowed me to relax. Your hobby could be anything from chess to bowling to tennis or golf or whatever. Just do something that makes you concentrate on anything except what awaits you at work.

One of the things I’ve gotten to where I REALLY enjoy is to sit somewhere, put my ear buds in and listen to relaxing music. Music has a way of soothing the rough edges from a stressful day and calming you. Now, I like 80’s rock (yes, I’m a hair-band fan), but when I want to relax I choose to listen to smooth jazz, “spa” music or even some New Age Instrumental. I find instrumentals are the most relaxing (for me) so that I don’t try to sing along (which is an entirely different story!)

Nobody ever ascended to the top of their profession without a tremendous amount of dedication. However, you must learn to balance that. We’ll talk about balance in a future blog, but the take away for today is to find something that distracts your mind in a way that allows you to be fresh—and more effective.

You, your family and your business will be glad you did.