Three Tips For Building Self Confidence

No matter your level of expertise in sales or whatever your chosen field, self confidence is a critical factor in obtaining and maintaining a certain level of success. Self belief, self-esteem—whatever one chooses to call it is vitally important to the achievement of your goals.

Have you ever known anyone who had achieved anything truly worthwhile who didn’t believe in themselves? Many times they were the only ones that believed.

Here are three tips for building self confidence;

Expect Success

You must envision yourself winning—see it in your mind’s eye. Seldom is success a surprise to the successful person. They expect it and knew deep down inside it would come. You should expect and anticipate success. It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Eliminate Negative Input

Leave those people behind. And, yes they are everywhere. There will always be someone ready to rain on your parade or try to bring you down—don’t let them. You control your mental state and attitude by what input you allow yourself and others to either think or vocalize. Stay away from things that bring you down or get you out of that “zone”. I’ve said here before that I won’t allow myself to listen to talk radio during the day because it’s almost always inflammatory. I don’t need that—and neither do you, especially during your sales day.

And finally:

Celebrate Your Victories

Take time to celebrate your wins. Did you expect to win? Yes. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t accept credit and feel good about it. Don’t get so wrapped up in the climb to the top that you miss the view along the way. You’ve heard success is a journey and not a destination? Well, it’s true. Enjoy the trip and celebrate those victories along the way.

If I could pass along another small tidbit, it would be to remember your victories. Any time you find yourself beginning to doubt yourself, just remind yourself of those wins. Refocus yourself by reliving the feeling you had the impact it made on you and others.