The Technology Revolution–In Your Pocket!

I’ve been doing some research recently on mobile commerce and the numbers I’m seeing are staggering. We’ve moved past e-commerce and right to m-commerce and you as a professional salesperson have to be ready for the change.

Are you?

According to researchers, small to medium businesses will spend $28 BILLION on mobile advertising and marketing by 2015—just over two years from now. Is your business ready to take advantage of even a piece of that pie?

Mobile commerce through smart phones has the potential to replace even more of the brick and mortar business than did e-commerce. Why? It’s simple. How often are you away from your phone?

Think about that?

If you’re like most people (and me), it’s the first thing I reach for in the morning  to check email and the last thing I put down at night. During the day there are times I’m away from my computer, my radio, my television—but I am seldom, if ever away from my phone.

And, we are keeping more and more data on these devices.

How can you position yourself and YOUR business to take advantage of how consumers are going to buy—not 10 years from now—but NOW?

Smart phones now comprise 50% of the cell phone market and growing daily. With the new iPhone 5 coming out last week, expect those numbers to continue to soar.

Are you ready? Are your customers’ ready?

You need to be, because mobile commerce is coming at a rapid pace!

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