The Summertime Blues!

Oh, it’s hot outside. Heat indices where I live are projected to hit 110+ this week. Now, that’s HOT! Add the humidity and even I can have a bad hair day! In addition to being dangerous (make sure you stay hydrated if you work out in this weather), the heat of summer can tend to sap your enthusiasm sometime.

You see others laying by the pool, enjoying their vacation, relaxing and just taking it easy while you’re working. Sure it can be tough. But, if it were easy—anyone could do it.

Don’t let the Summertime Blues get you down. Don’t let the heat take away your enthusiasm for getting out and seeing customers or calling on new prospects. In fact, there is a good chance your competition is slacking in this weather…especially if you work outdoors.

They want to stay in the comfort of the office all day (where very little, if any is sold). There’s a better than average chance they aren’t out there calling on business—theirs or yours! In some cases, they’ve conceded the market to you for a month or so “until it cools off”.

Well, it’s time for you to take full advantage of it! Get out there—even in the heat and make that extra call, find that extra prospect, and make that extra sale. Forget about the deodorant commercials. Heck, let ‘em see you sweat! Let your customers AND prospects know you’re not afraid to work for THEM—even when it’s 100+ degrees!

Yes, it’s hot. Everyone knows it’s hot and no, it doesn’t do any good to complain about it. Instead, use that time to be prospecting, following up or asking for referrals. While your competition is complaining, you be productive. Hey, winter will be here before you know it and your Christmas will be much more Merry with some of the competition’s business!

Here’s a tip I LOVE: If you work outdoors or call on customer’s working from your car, take your goals for the week or month and put them on the underside of your visor in your car. When you open that car door and that oppressive heat hits you in the face, get in, turn up the air and flip that visor down and read your goals as you cool off. Kill two birds with one stone: catch your breath and read your goals!