The Power Of Thank You Notes

Today’s post is a guest post from Jim Hamlin!

This morning I was writing some thank you notes, and it reminded me of how I got into sales in the first place.  I got into sales because of thank you notes.  I was at a point in my life that I wanted a new career so a purchased a book on how to find a job. (I wish I still had the book, I have long since misplaced it and forgot the title.) Put the premise of the book was to make contact then send a thank you note. Make a phone call send a thank you note. Go to an interview send a thank you note. So I followed those instructions. (I purchased thank you notes by the gross) In no time I had several opportunities and I chose the one in sales. I asked the man that hired me why he chose me and he said because of those DADGUM thank you notes. Then he showed me the pile of them that I had sent him.

Folks I still believe in thank you notes. It might not get you a job but it does help you standout and be remembered.  It keeps your name in front of people. Also how do you feel when someone says thank you? I bet you feel better. I think those feelings are amplified when you receive a thank you note. I also believe that one little gesture that one little thing could be the tipping point to separate you from you competition.

I remember the saying it’s not the lions and tigers that get you it’s the mosquitos that get ya. It’s not the big things most everybody does the big things well. It’s the little things that separate you and thank you notes are one of those FANTASTIC little things that make you special. Go buy a stack and start thanking people.

Thank You for your business.

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