Ten Great Sales Blogs To Bookmark

Today, I’d like to share with you ten sales/motivational blogs/websites that I have bookmarked and suggest you do the same. While not all publish new content daily, they are certainly worth checking out on a regular basis.

Take time to read their archived material. There’s gold in there.

(In no particular order)

Jeffrey Gitomer: Great stuff here from one of the masters. Love the Sales Caffeine newsletter, too. If you only subscribe to one newsletter, I’d be hard pressed to find one I’d recommend more.

Sean McPheat: Good stuff and a vast catalog of archived material. You could spend hours on Sean’s site!

Mark Hunter: Great site. Easy to navigate with tons of content. Plenty of extras here from a very prolific writer and trainer.

Julie Hansen: Julie’s unique style puts you “center stage”. From the Oscars to Mad Men, she weaves sales and acting in a professional, easy-to-understand and apply manner. Good stuff!

Bob Burg: Quick, easy to ready blog entries from a master speaker and trainer. Plenty of extras here, too. One of my favorites.

Kelley Robertson:  One of Canada’s leading sales experts. I always learn something reading Kelley’s blog. Great material for all levels of salespeople.

Sales Pro Magazine: Not a lot of content, but worth bookmarking. Usually updates monthly.

Selling Power Magazine: Monthly online of the print edition plus added digital content. Lots of white papers, studies and information. A good site for webinars and other learning engagements.

S. Anthony Iannarino: Have you ever notice the good domain names are owned by the pros? Well, this is no different. Always enjoy reading Anthony’s work. Free ebooks and more here. Excellent site.

Zig Ziglar: Not a lot of “blog” content, but you can sign up for Zig’s newsletter. Plus, my personal belief is that anyone in this profession needs to read his work.

This started out to be a simple blog post, but turned into quite the exercise. Trying to narrow my list down to just ten was harder than one would think. There are plenty of others out there. (Hopefully, you’ve bookmarked this one). Enjoy—and always keep reading, listening and learning!

OK, what did I leave out? Add your favorites in the comments below.