Taxi Magic

taxi magic

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for innovation. I love to see processes and programs we’ve used for years improved (not just changed) by innovation.

I had the chance last week to get introduced to the iPhone App Taxi Magic. And, what a pleasant surprise it was.

Disclaimer: I am in no way being compensated by Taxi Magic or anyone involved in their organization to write this column or review their project. If you decide to download the app (it’s free) I receive nothing. This is driven purely from a great customer service experience.

Not too long ago I needed a cab to take to the airport in Dallas to meet my family in Florida for a week’s vacation. If you spend any time around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area there’s a taxi service with a very memorable phone number where you can call and schedule a cab in advance. So, as I had done before I called the number. While on hold, the recording mentioned downloading the Taxi Magic App and scheduling my cab myself.

For whatever reason I decided, why not? After a quick download and sign in that required no credit card (however, I’ve since added mine so my cab is paid for automatically in the future), I scheduled a cab for 12:30 to take me to the airport.

I immediately got a confirmation email confirming both the pick-up and drop off location along with a note saying they would contact me 30 minutes prior to confirm my cab was on its way.


Just like clockwork, at noon an email comes through that in 30 minutes my cab would be downstairs waiting for me.

At 12:20, I got a call from my driver, Asuna that he was waiting and for me to take my time but he wanted to let me know he was there.

VERY Impressive.

Asuna is a champ. Great attitude and a friendly person. I mentioned the app to him and told him it amazed me how I had missed if for so long. He said when he was contacted to come pick me up he was .4 miles away–four/tenths of a mile.

Now, I’m blown away.

Not only does this App make it easy for me (the customer) but the taxi company can schedule the nearest cab saving on fuel, time and maintenance.

Here’s the deal: cabs have been around for years. In some cities they are the preferred form of transportation. But, someone figured out a way to build a better mousetrap. And I love it.

How can you do that in your business?

Quit thinking about the way things have always been done and start thinking about the way they could be done.

Be creative. Be silly. Start anywhere–with any idea.

You just might come up with magic!