Stop Wasting Your Time

I could’ve done so many things, baby,
If I could only stop my mind,
From wonderin’ what I’d left behind,
And from worryin’ ‘bout this Wasted Time

~Don Henley & Glen Frey

Stop Wasting Your Time

Now all you Eagles fans will have that song stuck in your head all day. But that’s OK, because our subject today is wasted time and the things we all do that create it.

One of the first things I train new salespeople on (and remind veterans of) is to eliminate ANY task, duty, chore, job or function from your Sales Day that does not directly lead to selling. Period. End of story.

First let’s define Sales Day. In my world those are the hours when you can actually close a sale and create a customer. If you are in the automobile business, it is pretty much any time someone can come into the showroom and drive away happy. If you are in retail sales, it would be the hours that your store is open. However, in something like real estate or insurance—it would be defined as the hours that your clients or potential clients can do business with you—because I realize you have to work around their schedule.

In order to be a top performer and lead your industry you have to make the best use of your time—it is the ONLY way you will ever out produce the average person.

If your Sales Day runs from 8:00a.m. until 6:00p.m. then you have to get up early and stay up later to do those non-selling tasks: filing, miscellaneous paperwork, organizing, creating materials, etc.

Personally I don’t think you should even be making copies if it doesn’t specifically lead to a sale. Make all your copies you need after hours—whether you’re finishing up from today or preparing for tomorrow.

Is this challenging? Absolutely.

Is it worth it? DEFINITELY!

With everything you do, you should ask yourself “Is this contributing toward or moving me closer to a sale?” If the answer is no, shelve it. Save it until after your Sales Day is over. Believe me it can wait!

Once you start analyzing these tasks and duties, you’ll find many of them are totally unnecessary. They’re things we’ve created—intentionally or not—to keep ourselves “busy”. Well, guess what? I want to be busy selling something—not sorting out paper clips.

Be conscious of preparation. You should have everything you need to make a sale ready and available EVERY day. Once you begin to find Time Wasters—you’ll realize they are everywhere. Enjoy!

Take some time (it’s certainly not wasted time) to see what time wasters you have in your day.

The results may surprise you.