Spring Cleaning Your Sales Presentation

Spring Cleaning Your Sales Presentation

Once spring has sprung, people everywhere start their annual “cleaning”. Unfortunately for some it’s the only time they do clean—but that’s another topic entirely. Today I want to talk about Spring Cleaning your sales presentation. When’s the last time you gave it a “tune up”? Well, there’s no better time than the present!

Let’s start with your verbal presentation. Have you ever recorded it and listened back to it? If so, how long has it been? As humans, we become creatures of habit—we tend to do things the same way time and time again. It’s only natural that with your presentation you get into the habit of using certain words and phrases to describe your product or service. You develop patterns of speech, words, phrases, clichés and manners of speaking—all of which become second nature to you.

But, how to they play to the listener (your prospect)? Are you using the best of the best?

Have you gotten into the habit of rattling off (subconsciously) and talking more than listening? Hey, we’ve all done it! That’s why we’re having this discussion today.

Take a few moments to record your verbal presentation and listen back to it with a critical ear. Are there unnecessary words and phrases? Are you asking the RIGHT questions? Are you asking ENOUGH questions? Are you asking questions at all?

How is your voice inflection? Are you droning on or is there enthusiasm and confidence in your voice?

Are you highlighting the benefits or just rattling off the features?

Be critical. Be hard on yourself. It’s the only way you’ll ever improve. And, if you REALLY want to improve—share this exercise with a friend or co-worker. Listen to each other’s presentations and critique them. Be constructive.

Remember, nobody likes to hear their own voice on tape (well, there are a few people). What we’re looking for today is the words, patterns and ways you sell your product and yourself.

Don’t forget to look at any printed materials you use in your presentation. Are they up to date, clean and crisp? EVERYTHING should scream professionalism!

Have fun with it, but look at it for what it is: Spring Cleaning!

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