How To Deal With Unfair Competition

How To Deal With Unfair Competition

As we’ve discussed in this blog many times, I know everyone (or virtually everyone) reading this has some form of competition in their field. I’m not really sure I’ve ever met someone that didn’t. Therefore, you end up competing for business, many times with products with similar features, benefits, pricing and service contracts.

As I pointed out here, YOU are the one thing your competition cannot duplicate and you need to take full advantage of that fact. Never let that go unnoticed.

You would hope that all competitors would compete in a fair and professional manner. Well, you would be severely disappointed, wouldn’t you?

Ever had a competitor use underhanded tactics to win business? Hello??

Ever had a competitor tell a prospect what a horrible person you are or what a horrible company you work for or what a horrible product you represent?


Unfair competition whether through hidden pricing tricks or just plain rumor mongering, happens all the time. And here is how to handle it.

Never go to that level (even as bad as you want to and as good as it would make you feel). Never knock your competition. Instead, you can simply make allow them to make themselves look bad in the prospect’s eyes.

How?  Very easily.

Let’s look at this one step at a time.

1) Acknowledged they competition is a good company (not going to knock them).

2) Submit that you are a BETTER company.

3) Put them in a very poor position by explaining to the prospect WHY they would have bad things to say about you.

4) Rise above it and show why you are a professional.

Now, who do you think the prospect would rather do business with; the guy running around talking about other’s or the one spending his time providing solutions for the prospect?

Case closed.

Here is exactly how you can handle this. Write this down and commit it to memory.

“Mr. Prospect, XYZ is a good company, but we’re a better company. You know, if I didn’t have anything good to say about my product or service, I’d probably have to spend my time badmouthing the competition, too. Luckily, I don’t have to do that because…” and go right into the reasons the customer should buy from YOU.