Sometimes You Have To Let It Go


I was on a flight recently from Atlanta to Dallas and as usual with most flights to Dallas it was full–not an open seat.

While waiting to board, the check in counter suggested people with large bags check them at the gate for no charge in order to expedite the boarding process and to ensure there was enough room for everyone’s luggage. While some might have grumbled they had paid the $25 fee to check their bags, the Delta representative made it clear this was for bags small enough to be carried on. But, as a convenience for the customers and the staff they are asking passenger’s to check the larger bags.

No problem. My carry on was small so it didn’t affect me. One gentlemen evidently was asked by the airline to gate check his. Now, keep in mind this means it will be waiting RIGHT OUTSIDE THE PLANE when we land. It’s not like a gate checked bag is going to end up on the carousel at DFW.

Yet, before takeoff (literally as the plane was taxying down the runway), this gentlemen saw fit to stand up (against Flight Attendant orders) and use his iPad to photograph luggage bins with space in them.


After we became airborne, he got back up and continued bin by bin taking pictures.

And it struck me: How sad this person must be to let something like that ruin their day? There were people who didn’t make it on to that flight who were trying to get home to see loved ones. Think of all the people who would love to be able to afford an airline ticket to go see family.

Yet, he figured the best use of his time was to document open space in luggage bins.

Friends, sometime you just have to let it go. Don’t sweat the small stuff as the old saying goes. There are too many people in worse positions than to let something so trivial dominate your morning or ruin your attitude.

Something tells me any plane this guy gets on turn into the Unfriendly Skies.