SMS Marketing For Your Business


Most people who own a small business today got into that business because they were good at their craft, not necessarily because they were good marketers or salespeople.

They know how to make a great pie or they have a pizza recipe that’s out of this world or maybe even they are the best monogram shop the nation has ever seen. But, if they don’t know how to market that business, the pies, pizzas and monograms are going to end up stale and collecting dust.

In my opinion, one of the most exciting forms of marketing for small businesses today is SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging.

(NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, the author is on the board of a company who sells SMS Text Messaging Services.)

While other forms of advertising are struggling to attract and keep eyeballs (viewers and potential clients), the world of Text Messaging continues to explode.

Consider this:

Amazingly only 12% of Facebook posts are read, 20% of emails are opened (much less actually read) and 29% of tweets are seen by your potential audience.

Want to guess the percentage of text messages that are read? Would you believe 98%? NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT! Yes, you read that correctly.

Recent studies show that smart phone users check their phones an astounding 150 times per day and spend more than 14 hours with that device. That’s more than any other item in their life!

Are you reaching your customers and potential customers through SMS? Think you’re missing the boat?

Furthermore, less than 5% of SMS Text recipients opt out of campaigns and more than 70% said they would LIKE to receive text message offers and coupons from their favorite businesses.

This is amazing data! How can you reach and grab your customers and potential customers right in their pocket or purse where they keep their phone?

And maybe the most staggering statistic of all: while the average email is read in a little over 2.5 days, the average text message is read in NINETY SECONDS!

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Data courtesy of Slick Innovations. 


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