Shake Up The Status Quo!

Sometimes it’s good to rock the boat—to make waves—to not accept everyone else’s definition of success or achievement.

Recently I spoke to a salesperson who told me, “In our business if you can sell 12-15 units a month you are a rock star!”

I guess you know what my next question was: “So, how many are you selling?”

“Eight to ten. I’ll hit 12 in a good month.”

I thought about this for a long time and had to wonder, “What if someone had told my friend when he first started that the “rock stars” in his industry sold 50 units a month? Or 100? Or 150?

Where would he be? Do you think he’d still be at 8-10?

I really doubt it. Personally, I believe we sometimes let other dictate what amounts to success and achievement. And that is a real shame.

So, what are the “rock stars” selling in your business? 5 houses a month? 20 cars a month? 50 new insurance policies? 100 pairs of shoes?

Who knows?  More importantly, WHO CARES?

It’s time for you to rock the boat! It’s time for you to step out and decide you’re not going to participate in everyone else’s “reality”. You now live in a new world. You now have a new definition of success.

Stop letting others set the ceiling for you.

Now, YOU be a rock star!

: I want to hear from those of you who broke records! Email me at and let me know how it goes.

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