Selling Solutions: The Ultimate in Problem Solving

Selling Solutions: The Ultimate in Problem Solving

Several years ago Mike Bosworth wrote a great book on selling solutions entitled aptly enough, Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling MarketsSolution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets. (If you’ve not read it, I highly recommend it).

But, I want you to do more than read the book. I want you to adopt the philosophy of selling solutions. I know many people say that’s what they do, but is it really?

When you dig deep inside your buyers wants and needs are you truly providing a solution to a problem or just a bandaid? And, are you getting to the root problem in the first place?

Let’s use a dentist as an example. I’ve had the same dentist since 1987–and wouldn’t think of changing. I’m comfortable with him and don’t mind admitting I’m a BIG wimp when it comes to dental work.

It seems I’m always amazed at the latest technology, process or procedure Dental Science has developed. They are really providing solutions. Think about it, it’s almost as if they’re trying to put themselves out of business.

You go to a dentist for a toothache, right? So, is his job just to fix that toothache or to help you to where you never have another one? I don’t know about yours, but my dentist spends as much time preventing me from needing his service as he does providing it.

How can you apply that to your business?

What can you do to solve your customer’s problem in a way other than just selling them a product or service? How can you provide a solution?

Let’s say you sell replacement parts for a vehicle. Is that what your customer wants or do they want a solution that would eliminate them from having to replace that part in the first place?

Take some time and ask yourself some tough questions. You may be surprised at the answer.

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