Saturday: Linkin’ For Thinkin’

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Here’s a new feature at the site. I’ll compile a list each week of articles, blogs or other content I’ve read and enjoyed and link to it here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Ten Things You Need to Work On To Be A Leader
Nice read with some great tips. Some (or most) you probably know, but it never hurts to be reminded.

Are You Earning Customer Loyalty Or Are You Buying It?
Really enjoyed this one and had one amazing stat that jumped out at me: 96% of your customers would be tempted to switch to a competitor by a good price promotion. WOW. Check it out.

8 Tips For Perfect Pitches and Super Selling Documents
We all have to write “sales copy” eventually. While it’s written more for novelists, screenwriters and the like, there’s some really helpful information for everyone in this one.

The Importance of Preparing Your Sales Force Team in Landing New Sales
Preparing to sell. Something we all need to take note of—and this covers the dreaded…Cold Call!

Know More, Sell More—It’s That Simple
They had me from hello (or the opening paragraph) “According to a new study, sales associates who have completed several online trainings to become experts in their products sell more than those who don’t take the trainings.”

A MUST read in my book!

Four Mistakes By Sales Teams That Drive Prospects Away
Is YOUR sale team making these mistakes? Whether phone sales, retail sales or b2b in person. These can kill a business.

Well, there you have it. Some of my favorite from around the web this week. If you like this, I’ll do it every Saturday for you. Leave me comments or links to other great articles you find.