Sales Tips: Time To Get Unstuck

As I write this, we’re nearing the midway point of the year. Yes, just yesterday you were (hopefully) writing down those goals for the year and analyzing the things you wanted to accomplish both personally and professionally.

Now, here we are with only half the year left before us.

If you’re not on target for you goals, that’s okay. It’s time to get unstuck.

But, first it’s important to understand that being stuck is normal—it’s part of the process and something that nearly everyone goes through on their quest for accomplishment. The kick of the ultra-successful is they don’t stay stuck.

They move. Forward, backward, sideways—whatever it takes to get unstuck.

If you grew up in the south like I did, you’ve probably seen a vehicle stuck in the mud. Heck, if you grew up out in the country like I did, you probably got one stuck on purpose. (That’s another story)

In the event you’re not familiar with this check out a YouTube video of a vehicle getting out of deep mud. It’s a great reminder of what YOU need to do to get unstuck this year.

Notice the key is to get moving. You’re not going anywhere if you don’t move. Getting unstuck involves moving forward, backward…sometimes even rocking—anything to get some traction. Because that’s the one thing you are looking for: traction.

You’re not looking to move from the stuck position to your goal in one fell swoop. All you want to do is gain some traction so you can move.

Movement and action is the key.

When you find yourself stuck—and remember you will, it is nothing more than a lack of movement. You have to create action. And, sometimes you have to take a step back to eventually move forward.

Do you need to step back and look at your business or your situation from a different angle?

Do you need to step back and perhaps remove yourself personally from some issues so you can make better decisions?

Just because you step back, doesn’t mean you’re moving backward. It means you’re moving with the intent to get going forward.

Soon, we’ll flip the calendar to the second half of the year: the third quarter. Remember, you cannot make up any time once the race is over—you have to do that while you’re out on the course. Likewise, you can’t make a significant difference in your year after the year is over—you’ve got to do that now.

Take action. Any action. Even if it means taking a step back to get unstuck.