Sales Tips: Superstars Make One More Call

one more call

Sales Tips: Superstars Make One More Call

We talk a lot here about what separates the Superstars from the rest of the pack. What do they do to reach Superstar status? As we’ve discussed many times it is the very small, basics they do and do extremely well. They work hard on the things we all know it takes to be successful and don’t take those things for granted.

What about sales calls? How many are you making a day? Whether by phone, in person or with prospective clients coming to you, how many are you seeing every day? However many it is, I want to challenge you: make one more call; see one more person, visit with more prospect.

Every day.

Day in and day out, add one more call to your day. It’s not much, but it is truly one of the things that separates the top performers from the also ran’s—and makes them Superstars.

Here’s what happens:

First, you get more sales opportunities. One more call every day for a five day work week is approximately 250 more calls per year. 250! If you’re closing percentage is 10% that immediately equates to 25 more sales (more than 2 per month) per year simply by making one more call.

Secondly, it gives you more chances to improve your skills. The more you do anything the better you get. Here are 250 more opportunities every year for you to be great. Take advantage of it.

Finally, it keeps you from falling into the trap of being lazy. You finish each day on a high note—you run through the finish line and don’t take short cuts.

All of this happens from making one more call. One. Make one more call every day and soon you’ll see all your numbers improving—including your commission check.