Sales Tips: Before Quitting Your Job Do These 8 Things

Sales Tips- Before quitting your job Do

Sales Tips: Before Quitting Your Job Do These 8 Things

I understand. You’ve been in sales for a while either by choice or because you were forced into the profession after losing a job in your chosen field. Whatever the case, things aren’t going as planned and you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Do me (and you) a favor: before you do that, try these eight simple sales tips. Unfortunately, you’re probably the victim of a lack of training that’s not your fault. If that’s the case you definitely need to give this a shot before moving on. It could be the difference between success and failure in the sales profession.

Recharge your batteries: Relax. If you’re pressing and selling out of desperation, prospective customers can smell it on you like a cheap perfume. You reek of desperation and it’s not a good look, I assure you. Take a deep breath, step back and just relax. Stop pressing. Let the sales come to you; pull rather than push—it’s much easier to turn around a slump or slow sales that way.

Refine your skills: If you’re employer didn’t train you, you have to take it upon yourself to get trained. This is 2015 there’s no excuse not to know anything you want to know. This blog has almost 400 entries absolutely free and there are more like it around the internet. Youtube is full of videos to help you get better at what you do and amazon is chock full of books. Stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for making yourself the best you can be. If you need specific training I can help with that, but there are tons of resources out there.

Refocus on your customer: When you get into a desperation mode you tend to start selling for you instead of the customer. This is one of the most basic sales tips you’ll find. Start today and change your focus to what your product or service does for your customer. Sell benefits, not features. Concentrate on what they will get by becoming a customer not what you’ll get and you’ll be out of this little valley in no time.

Research your product: Just like sales skills, product knowledge is important. Take some time to know yours backward and forward. If you have slacked off here, rededicate yourself to becoming an expert. There’s no way for you to talk to a customer about what your product does for them if you don’t know what it does or how it works. Know your products.

Return to the basics: Many times when you find yourself in a sales slump you start taking short cuts and skipping steps in the sales process. Go back and write down the basic steps you were taught in the beginning. The reason new salespeople are successful is because they are doing it the way they were trained. If you need help, ask a manager, but get back to the basics and doing things the way they were intended.

Remember your why: This may sound over-simplistic, but why are you doing this? Have you lost sight of your why? Why are you selling what you’re selling? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Get ahold of your ‘why’ again. It will renew your energy a lot.

Read your goals: I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this because if you’ve read this blog you know how I feel. If not, search goals in the search box and you’ll know.

Re-fire your engines: Once you do all of the above, look yourself in the mirror, get your attitude in check and refine those engines. The world needs people with a burning desire—it needs people who are on fire for what they do. Very few things can stop someone who has that burning desire deep down inside. Get those fires relit, fan the flames and go be a superstar.

Now, if after all this hopefully you’ll see this is the greatest profession in the world. But, you have to be a professional before you can be a professional salesperson. The good part is, it’s all up to you.