Sales Tip: You’ve Got To Lead

Sales Tip: You’ve Got To Lead

We talked recently about how to handle a prospect who was rushing your presentation. In it we talked about maintaining control of the sales process and how to keep the customer from pushing you right to price. After a couple of emails, I thought we should talk about the fact you should really be doing this with every sales situation.

Think of the sales process as a dance–in many ways they are similar. But, you’ve got to lead. You’ve got to control the process from beginning to end. However, it needs to be a natural flow where the two of you (you and your prospect) are working together–in concert–so that it doesn’t seem like you’re dragging them along.

It should be a very fluid process that you control.

In fact, done correctly the prospect doesn’t really know you’re leading–they are a part of the process and you are going to end up at the same place at the same time–a sale.

If you watch a pair of skilled figure skaters or dancers it’s a thing of beauty. It’s not like a tug-of-war. That’s how your sales process should be. Nice and easy and everyone moving together.

But, again, you have to lead–you have to drive the process. You know the steps to take and the order to take them, so it’s up to you to be take the lead role.

Once you understand this it. becomes unnoticeable. You shouldn’t have to force yourself into that position, it should just happen.

Think about it during with your next sale. You lead. Guide your prospect along, gently taking them where they want to go. That’s the key, you have to take them where they want to go–not where you want them to go.

Do this and the sales process becomes much, much easier.