Sales Technology: My 3 Favorite Apps

There are numerous lists of apps for today’s busy sales professional.   While sales technology is a huge subject, most of those focus on CRM, specific productivity apps and so forth. While I’m far from an expert on smart phone apps, there are some I use daily and absolutely love even though they weren’t designed necessarily with sales leaders in mind. I’m a proponent of using technology to become more high touch and not so high tech. So, here are:

My 3 Favorite Apps

Evernote: My fondness for Evernote has been chronicled here before. I currently have 18 different “notebooks” in Evernote ranging from Productivity to Saved Articles to one for Evernote Tips. See an article you want to read later? Clip it to Evernote. Have a recording from a sales meeting or seminar? Clip it to Evernote? Want to snap a picture of a notes, PowerPoint or other written material? Yep. Clip it to Evernote. This is perhaps the single most used app on my phone. And the best part—the free version does everything I need it to do. I’m a huge fan of It’s my Amazon for audio material and I’ve got several of the latest books on it I’m listening to. You can use this during a commute, a walk, a jog or even when you’re waiting in line at the coffee shop. From Zig Ziglar to Jim Rohn and other greats to today’s best sellers, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be putting great information into your brain.

Drop Box: Need access to a document while at a meeting? Drop Box is the perfect app for you. (Note: I also back everything up with Google Drive). Drop Box allows you to “drop” sales notes, information and whatever document you’d like right into a shared folder with your entire sales team. Want to share a document with just other managers? Simply create a separate folder and only share it with them. This app is far more flexible than most people give it credit for. Make sure you and your sales team have all the information you could possibly need handy simply by saving it all to a drop box folder.

There you go.  My 3 Favorite Apps for Sales Leaders. Are there any you’d like to share? I’m always looking for great ideas.