Do You Have A Sales Process? And Does Your Entire Sales Team Follow It?

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No matter what you sell there is a process at work every time you take a prospect through the system to become a customer. Whether you have that as a documented, systematized process is a different story—but there is a process.

The question is whether you are controlling it or not.

If you have taken time to document, list and define your sales process the next question to ask is whether you are requiring all your salespeople to follow it. Do they know the process—or do they even know there is a process?

Too many times processes are put in place and then we fail to hold our sales team accountable for following procedures. The reason you put those processes in place is because they work—they’ve proven themselves over time.

Unfortunately I’ve seen many salespeople who think they know a better way and sales managers who let them march to the beat of their own drummer. While I am all for everyone being able to put their own flavor and personality into their sales process, there has to be a step-by-step system everyone follows.

As a manager, there’s really no way to manage your team or determine where help is needed if you have everyone running in different directions doing different things. Ever heard the phrase “herding cats?”

I’ve had sales managers ask me, “What do I do if my top salesperson doesn’t want to follow the script or the process?”

My question is, “Why do you accept that behavior?”

If they worked at McDonald’s I can assure you they wouldn’t be able to say, “You know, I’m not a fan of that middle bun or that special sauce so that’s not the way I’m going to make Big Mac”.


Unemployed much?

What about if they were in a service industry? Sure, it says to check the oil on every car coming through, but I’m only going to check every third one.

Not gonna fly.

So, why do we let them get away with not following the process you’ve set forth?

If you have taken time to develop policies and procedures and systems—you have to hold them accountable for following them.


If they don’t do it today, it’s on them. If they aren’t doing it a month from now—it’s on you.

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