Sales Lessons From Andy Griffith


Sales Lessons From Andy Griffith

The Andy Griffith Show ran for eight seasons on CBS from 1960-68 and is without question one of the most popular American television shows of all time. Many (like me) have seen every episode so many times we can quote lines from it as the show is running. The story centers around Andy Taylor, Sheriff of Mayberry, NC. However, recently I began noticing the traits Andy displayed would’ve made him one of the greatest salespeople in the world.

Andy was compassionate From Otis to strangers passing through town, Andy exhibited a compassion we should all aspire to. On more than one occasion he took “Old Man Weaver” to task over something he’d done at his store–or worse–trying to evict a family with a pregnant wife from rental property.

Andy was persistent Whether doing battle with Mayor Pike or pursuing Ellie, Helen or any of his other flames, Andy seldom gave up. When the State Police from Mt. Pilot would ride in and try to take over, Andy would always quietly continue to do his job–usually with great results.

Andy was consistent Watch for any length of time and one never wonders about Andy’s values. He never wavered in his beliefs and his actions. His parenting skills, negotiation skills and level-headedness were never questioned.

Andy was a great listener Any of us could learn a lesson here. The front porch discussions with Opie and Aunt Bee to his many times having to counsel Barney–Andy was perhaps one of the greatest listeners ever on TV.

Andy was able to admit mistakes In one particular episode, Andy mistakenly punished Opie for not giving to the Poor Children’s Fund at school only to find Opie was saving his money for a winter coat for his “girlfriend” who couldn’t afford one. The classic line was when Opie asked what was for dinner and Andy responded, “You and Aunt Bee are having chicken. I’m having crow.”

Andy took more blame and less credit than he deserve Throughout the entire series, Sheriff Taylor took more blame and less credit than he ever deserved. He was the first to step up and take the heat for other and to let them shine when the spotlight was on.

Andy was loyal The Sheriff’s friendship with Barney was never questioned–even when the friendship came at a cost of not being able to join an exclusive club. And, nobody would ever think Andy Taylor would sacrifice his relationship with Helen for one night with the Fun Girls!

Andy served others expecting nothing in return Fans of the show know Andy loved to fish as much as anything. But, it should come as no surprise that Andy traded his favorite fishing rod for a bed jacket Aunt Bee wanted. He never gave it a second thought. One time his service got him in trouble was when he saved Gomer from a gas leak at Wally’s. It was almost Andy’s undoing–until he found a way for Gomer to save him and evening the score. While today’s blog has been a bit tongue-in-cheek, you’d be surprised how many lessons you can learn from this classic program.