Sales Coaching vs. Sales Training


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As you know, I’m a Sales Trainer and Sales Coach working with clients throughout the world. With technology today, I’m able to offer virtual one-on-one sessions through Skype or other online alternatives. I’ve got many, many years of valuable experience and knowledge at my disposal in several specific areas.

The question I’m asked most is, “What’s the difference between a Sales Training and a Sales Coaching?”

Is there a difference? Actually, the answer is yes—and while some may disagree with me, I’ll give you my take on it here (hey, after all it is MY blog)

A Sales Coach works with you to hone the skills you have while a trainer is more of a teacher; someone wanting to get into sales needs a trainer while someone wanting to maximize and improve their sales effectiveness needs a coach. Make sense?

The word coach makes most people think of sports and I use this analogy all the time with clients that Derek Jeter was perhaps one of the best baseball players of all time. But, before every game he was out there taking batting practice and fielding grounders. And, if you’ll notice there is usually a Coach not too far away talking to him about his swing or his technique.

For a salesperson, a Sales Coach does pretty much the same thing: works with you to fine tune the things you do well and works with you to accept (and that is sometimes the hardest part), understand and improve the things you don’t do well.

For most clients, I’m never going to teach them something they don’t already know. That’s not what a coach is for. But, I will help you improve your prospecting, development of rapport and ultimately the number of sales you make.

So, do you need a Sales Coach?

Well, Tiger Woods has a Golf Coach. You tell me.

Working with a coach is never a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Wanting to improve and be the best you can be is a strength—and a sign of maturity. I’ve said before, we can learn something from everyone. Use every advantage you can to be a Difference Maker.