Your Sales Career: What Brought You Here?

Your Sales Career: What Brought You Here?

Many of you know one of my goals is to professionalize the profession of sales. I want the sales profession to be seen as we view doctors, dentists and other “professionals”. And, I believe we’ll get there.

If you’re in sales, what brought you here? Was it the only job you could get? Was it a fall back after another career? Did you stumble into it? Or, did you choose it on purpose?

In my case, it chose me; there was never a doubt about what I’d do. I’ve been at it since I was a kid.

No matter how you ended up here, the point is to be professional—even if it wasn’t your first choice for a vocation. The great How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in SellingFrank Bettger is quoted as saying, 

Think about that. The profession you entered isn’t easy. In fact, it’s extremely hard and one you must constantly be studying. But, if you work hard, dedicate yourself to the craft it can be extremely easy—and rewarding.

Some of the most successful salespeople I’ve ever met got into the business late in life—it wasn’t their first career choice. But, they eventually found their calling.

What about you? Are you prepared to dedicate yourself to the profession?  Are you prepared to commit yourself to continually learning new ways to help your prospects and customers?  Are you ready to spend countless hours studying the latest about your products and services and knowing your competitors business as well as your own?

If so, you’re in for a beautiful ride. You are embarking on a very fruitful, enjoyable, satisfying journey.

Welcome to the world of professional selling.

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