Reprogamming Negative Self Talk

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Reprogramming Negative Self Talk

The importance of a positive attitude has been discussed and debated for years. While some may downplay it’s affect on our lives, personally I think it’s critical for success. However, I’ve known many people with tremendously positive attitudes who indulge in negative self talk almost constantly.

Your attitude is important and in my mind it’s established by the way you talk to yourself. So today, let’s look at reprogramming negative self talk and what’s involved.

First, you have to understand what it is. Recently, I had a slight cold and caught myself saying, “I don’t have time to be sick.” Guess what? I got sick. Instead I should have been saying to myself, “I will stay well.” The meaning is the same, but the message is sent in a completely different manner.

Secondly, you have to notice when you’re doing it—and it happens more than you know. I can remember Zig Ziglar telling a story about a woman at one of his conferences sitting down in the front row and spilling a soft drink. She said, “I knew I was going to do that!” He said, “Well then why did you do it?” Yes, this is a humorous example, but we do it all the time—and all of us are guilty. Listen to yourself. What are you saying. What are you telling your subconscious mind?

If we’re going to be reprogramming your negative self talk we have to turn it into a positive.

Instead of thinking and having that inner dialogue about the negative, focus on the positive instead. Turn it around. Instead of, “The last thing I need is for something to go wrong this month” try “This month is going to go perfectly for me”. Be positive and confident.

Finally, practice. Yes, practice. You can pick out any area of your life and begin to change the way you talk to yourself. Recently, I began running again after a long layoff. Though I knew my times were going to be slower than I wanted, I chose to think (and say to myself), “Let’s find out where the bar is now so I can begin to improve.”

There is a world of difference in how your mind and body respond.

Remember your subconscious mind only knows what you tell it—so feed it the positive not the negative.