Question Everything

Question Everything words written on dry erase board message board to tell you not to trust authority, rules and government

by Butch Bellah

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and hopefully you’re still sticking with your resolutions. One thing I want to bring to your attention is the need to take this time to reassess your entire sales process.

Yes, from start to finish—are you doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done?

A great exercise to begin with is to simply list every step in the process and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”

Do you know why? Do you have a “why”?  And remember, “Just because we’ve always done it that way” is a very bad answer.

Not only should you question everything, but you should also commit to writing the “why”.

Here is a sample of a what I am suggesting:

Step one in the sales process is to cold call new potential customers door-to-door (residential or business, take your pick).

  1. Is that the best way to reach new people?  What type of conversion results am I seeing? How much time am I spending on this part of the sales process? Is there a better way to reach new potential clients and most importantly, why am I doing it this way?
  2. Now, write down the answer to each. Know your numbers. Know what activities yield what results. Are you spending your time wisely? Could you reach more people faster, more efficiently?

My point is if you continue to blindly follow the same pattern as you’ve always followed your results are unlikely to change very much, if at all.

Is someone in your company or industry using a different tactic that is producing better results? Look around and find out.

Now, this is an overly-simplified example and I understand that. I just want to illustrate the exercise: question everything.

Question what you are doing but don’t forget to ask yourself, “why”?

Scrub your entire process through this little exercise and you may find some habits have developed over the years which aren’t serving you very well. And all this can lead to a more productive, profitable year.