Protect Your Attitude

Protect Your Attitude

Today’s blog post was inspired by a quote I posted recently on Instagram. If you’re not following me there you can find me at ImButchBellah. I know you’re asking, “why ImButchBellah and not just ButchBellah?”

Well, it’s simple. ButchBellah was taken.

Okay. It was taken by me and I forgot the password. Happy now?

Anyway, the quote was, “Be wise enough to remove yourself from the nonsense around you.” The quote had no attribution and I’m not sure I’d ever heard it before but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Our attitudes are our property and ours alone. We have to take the initiative to guard them at all costs because I assure you there will always be someone looking to bring you down.

How do you protect your attitude?

Do you remove yourself from negative situations?  Do you avoid things that can poison your mind?

I’ve said before I made the conscious decision years ago to stop listening to talk radio during the day simply because it was doing nothing but making me mad. It was and is designed to get you all riled up and angry. Why subject yourself to that?

Now, I’m not here to rail against talk radio, my point is simply that you and I have complete control over our attitude and many times it is affected by what comes in through our eyes and ears.

Have the courage to remove the negative influences in your life. Walk away. Or get away however you can.

Don’t let those who want to wallow around in negativity drag you into it—because they will. It’s a lonely place and they don’t want to be there by themselves. I can assure you they’re always looking for someone to join them and the more successful you are the more they like to bring you down.

Which reminds me of another great quote. This one by actress, Bette Midler: “The worst part about success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.”


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