Preparation: The Key To Productivity

We all want to sell more, do more, accomplish more and be more productive. There are hundreds, if not thousands of books on the subject of productivity and how to improve. Many of them have very good, solid principals that can and will make you better—if you use them.

However, the one thing I’ve found over the years that is absolutely critical to productivity is preparation. Whether it’s having your sales materials prepared for your day, week or month or mentally preparing yourself for your day. There is no substitute for preparation.

No amount of making lists, filing systems and the like can take the place of always being prepared (hey, the Boy Scouts were on to something!).

Here are a few tips to help you prepare to be productive:

-Take 10-15 minutes at the end of each day to check on the next day’s schedule; do you have everything you need? Do you know where you’re going? Is your calendar updated? Has everyone been notified of meetings, appointments, etc? Do you have a map or good directions for any appointments to which you may be driving.

-Take a half hour to an hour on Sunday evening (or the night before your sales week starts) and organize your materials, schedule and thoughts. Get yourself ready so that Monday morning you hit the ground running—you’re not waiting on anyone or anything to be ready to sell.

-Take an hour to two at the end of each month and set your goals, your plan and prepare yourself for the coming month. This is the time to reflect on the previous month’s successes and build on them for the future.

If you are a note-taker like me (I keep a small spiral pad in my pocket at all times), I find myself writing myself notes when I’m not at my computer or Ipad. Your preparation time is the time to go through those, sticky notes and other jottings you’ve done throughout the day or week. You must PREPARE to succeed. Taking this time in advance will make you MUCH more productive.

The bottom line is you should be preparing a few minutes every day, every week and every month in order to be successful. Will you? I hope so.