Practice Makes Perfect!

We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect” since we were children. We heard it about sports, about music, about school—really about anything that our parents or others wanted to see us improve. And, for the most part it’s correct.

I know, I know. Some have revised it to say, “PERFECT practice makes perfect”. And I agree with that to an extent. It’s my belief that just because you aren’t perfect doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice. In fact, that’s the reason you should in the first place.

But, do you practice your job? I mean REALLY practice? Do you practice meeting and greeting prospective customers? Do you practice answering objections or asking good questions?

Do you practice closing?

Can I ask a simple question? WHY NOT?

If you spent hours learning to bend your knees and keep your glove on the ground for Little League, why would you not put in hours of practice to hone your craft that makes you a living?

And don’t even start to tell me you already know everything. I’m not buying that.

Do you think doctors or attorneys or dentists or other professions continually learn and practice?

What about airline pilots? Many of them are tested twice a year and if they don’t pass, they don’t work. Period. (I think we can all agree with that). So, why aren’t you devoting a certain amount of hours each week to studying and practicing the art of sales?

Reading books, roll playing with a manager or colleague, attending seminars or webinars or just looking into a mirror and working on a part of your presentation?

You aren’t as good as you can be. Yet. So, keep practicing.


Question: What did you take from today’s blog and how can it impact your sales career?