Personal Development Goals For The New Year

New Year goals on digital tablet

This is a great time to take a look back over the past year, see what you’ve accomplished—what goals you’ve achieved and set your eyes toward 2015. As you do, let me help you outline some personal development goals for the year. Grab a pen, some paper and let’s lay the groundwork for what will be a great 2015 for you to grow your skills and set the foundation for an even brighter future!

Make a list of the three people you consider to be most successful in your line of work. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

No really, I will.

List them 1, 2, 3.

Got them?

OK. Now write down 8,760.

That’s how many hours each of them—and YOU have in 2015. What will you do with your time? Will you invest it wisely like they will? The choice is yours.

Written Goals

I know I have beaten this until it’s dead, but you MUST write your goals down if you want to achieve them. There is no substitute for writing your goals—you must write them before you can read them. Put them somewhere you can see them daily along with some positive affirmations. (Mine are taped to my bathroom mirror). Do it. Humor me. If you will write them down and look at them every day in 2015 and you don’t feel it did you any good, I’ll give you your money back. Oh wait, never mind.

Learn a New Skill

First I want you to pick out one new skill you want to learn in 2015. My personal mentor taught himself to juggle one year and when I asked why he said, “I just wanted to keep my mind sharp and learn new skills after I was 40”. It doesn’t have to be work related. Pick something—anything and write it down. Do what it takes to learn it in the new year.

How Many Books Will You Read

Set a goal of how many good books you’ll read in 2015. Don’t tell me you don’t have time. My niece is 26-years old, a full-time student (A average) and has a full time job. By December 31 she will have read 200 books—yes TWO HUNDRED books THIS year. How? She makes it a priority to make time to read. Turn the television off, read at lunch. Use audio books if you must, though my niece has read everyone of of those in written form.

Set a big, bold goal and put good information in your mind. There is no excuse for not gaining knowledge in today’s world.

Get A Mentor

Decide today to find a mentor to talk to and and work with in 2015. Find a person who you can confide in, but who you also trust to give you honest feedback and not just tell you what you want to hear. Bounce ideas around, call them when you need a boost. Build a true mentor-mentee relationship.

Become a Mentor

By the same token, find someone you can help. Look for a mentee you can take under your wing and guide, advise and tutor. Share your knowledge with others and others will soon be sharing theirs with you. Choose your mentee carefully because this is someone you will be investing a lot of time and energy into, make it count.

Finally, if you could turn the clock ahead one full year and look yourself in the mirror: imagine you’ve written your goals and achieved even half of them, you’ve gained the knowledge and wisdom from countless books, learned a new skill and developed two of the most powerful relationships in your life with your mentor and mentee. Would that be a successful year? Would you feel good about 2015 and be anxious to see what 2016 held?

I know you can do it and I’d love to hear the results.