Why People Don’t Accomplish More


As many of you know I start most every week with the Monday Morning Devotional at the Ziglar Corporation in Plano, TX. It is just a very positive, powerful, inspirational way to start my week and it’s become something I really miss when I’m on the road or otherwise unavailable.

A few weeks ago James Howard—who was one of Zig’s closest friends—shared some stories which will become a book he’s writing about their close, personal friendship. He relayed how the two of them were once talking when Zig asked, “I wonder why people don’t accomplish more?”

As Mr. Howard related they talked until Zig had come up with his answer:

1)      They don’t think they can

2)      They don’t want to

Think about that and how true it is today. One can learn everything from cooking to surgery on YouTube and books and information are more plentiful than at any time in history.

Can you accomplish more?

From free podcasts to audio books to a tremendous amount of data on the internet, there’s never been an easier time to accomplish more in your life, your career and your personal development.

What do you want to do you’ve never done?

What do you want to do you don’t know how to do?

The only thing standing between you and doing it or learning it, is you. You either think you can’t or you don’t want to.

The world is filled with challenges today, but I am going to add one more: I challenge you to learn something new—a new skill and new way to solve a problem or anything within the next 30 days.

Commit to learning. Commit to finding the information and putting in the work to accomplish your goal.

Don’t be the person who thinks they can’t. And by all means, don’t be the person who doesn’t want to!