Overcoming Sales Objections: That’s Exactly Why You Should Do It

Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Sales Objections

I was talking to a gentleman recently who passed along a close he uses in his business I wanted to share with you today. Keep in mind this is one that can be used for tangible products, intangible services and just about everything in between.

This one is really great and easy to keep “in your back pocket” to use when applicable.

Speaking of which, it won’t be applicable to every single objection ever raised—but there are many that can benefit from this. So, write it down, commit it to memory and be able to deliver it with conviction—planned not canned.

That’s Exactly Why You Should Do It

When you have an prospective customer bring up an objection many times you can simply acknowledge the objection and tag it with, “That’s exactly why you should do it!” Then go on to explain why and add information to ease the prospects mind.


Let me give you a couple of examples:

If the prospect says, “Your installation costs are very high.” You can respond with, “Yes they are. That’s exactly why you should do it. We spend more time than any of our competitors on the front-end of the project to insure you get the maximum use for what you’re investing. We could go cheaper and have your people only using the product to half it’s effectiveness. We’ve found it’s much better to invest that money up front, don’t you agree?”

Want another one?

What if the prospect says, “I don’t buy print advertising. I believe it’s a dying medium.” Your response? “With all due respect, that’s exactly why you should do it! Print advertising is far from dead, but for you it would be great if all your competitors felt the same way and left the entire readership to you! You won’t be fighting over customers—your message would be the only one they see, don’t you agree?

How about another?

Prospect: “I’ve never spent that kind of money on a recreational vehicle. We just don’t take that many trips.”

You: “That’s exactly why you should do it. Very few people are on their deathbed wishing they’d spent more time at the office. If you have this beauty to take out on weekends, you’d go a lot more often and you, your wife, your family and probably your doctor would be thrilled, don’t you agree?

See how easy that is?

It’s Your Turn

Now, take the time to list some of the top objections you get. You know what they are—you’ve already heard all of them. Write them down and see how many can be overcome with this one simple sentence, “That’s exactly why you should do it.”

I know many of you are saying, “Butch, that stuff doesn’t work in my industry. Nobody would ever be closed with that—nobody uses it.”

“That’s exactly why you should do it!”