Overcoming Objections

One of the biggest issues facing professional salespeople, sales managers and businesses is overcoming objections. to their product or service. After all, if we could overcome EVERY objection, we’d have ALL the business, right?

Well, here’s a newsflash: You’ll never overcome EVERY objection. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to learn closes, closing techniques and information to help your buyers make informed, good financial decisions.

Today we are going to address your top ten objections. Take out a piece of paper (go ahead and humor me) and write down your top ten objections. What do you hear most? You know those objections that when you are driving to work or to a prospect you would almost bet money you’re going to hear before you leave.

What are they? Go ahead, write them down. I’ll wait.

(insert theme from Jeopardy here)

OK, what do you have?

“I want to think about it”

“Can’t afford it”

“Wrong color”

“Wrong location”

What are they? (I hope you DID write them down)

Now go back and write down how YOU overcome those ten objections—maybe write down two or three closes for each. Wait. What? Yes, write down how YOU overcome those ten objections. Again, I’ll wait.

Here’s where we sometimes run into problems. Even though we KNOW we are going to get those objections, we really haven’t really developed good, solid closes for them. But, if we know they’re coming, shouldn’t we KNOW how to overcome them?

If you know what they are going to say, shouldn’t you know what you are going to say? It’s like learning lines in a play–they have their lines down pat and you should know yours just as well.

Hopefully what we did today was start you thinking: how do I overcome the most common objections I face. If you’ll take some time now and learn a few good, sensible, professional closes you won’t dread one of those ten objections quite so bad.

Once you make your list of 10. Compare it with a co-worker or manager and then work together to develop your list of closes. The more minds you have working on this the better! Share it and it will help everyone grow.

Image courtesy of YoungUpstarts.com